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Photo: Aaron Radio Silence

Photo: Aaron Radio Silence

Ukrainian-born, Jersey-raised, Brooklyn-based director and storyteller, Artem Yatsunov, visits his homeland after the break out of the Ukrainian Civil War in 2014.

On the story behind Please Google Ukraine:

"Over the past two years, I have been writing and developing the solo performance Please Google Ukraine - a response to the recent violent unrest in my birthplace of Ukraine. Marked by 2013-2014 Maidan Revolution in Kiev, the unrest in the capitol boiled over into a civil war within the Southern and Eastern regions of the country, and today, the Ukrainian conflict has escalated into an international crisis.

However, despite the daily toll of war in Ukraine, many of my US peers - native and immigrant alike - feel disconnected from what's going on 'over there'.  "


Artem performing Please Google Ukraine at One Catches Light Festival x Oye Group+Exponential Festival @ JACK, Brooklyn NY '17. Photos by: Aaron Radiosilence; B & W Projections by: Simone Lassar. 

What is Please Google Ukraine about?

"As an Americanized Ukrainian I have a unique perspective on trying to figure out what is the "right" way to feel about wars in foreign places. Please Google Ukraine explores issues of cultural and national identity by retelling one specific traumatic experience. Please Google Ukraine is a work of fiction based on true events, historical facts, and real accounts of the war as experienced by my family members.

Hopefully, Please Google Ukraine can offer a broader discussion on the place of immigrants in the USA. "

Please Google Ukraine is a 60-minute solo performance with optional post-show workshops. For booking, please contact Artem directly: artem.yatsunov@gmail.com

Please Google Ukraine was originally produced by Oye Group (Artistic Director Modesto Flako Jimenez, Tech Director Kevin Torres) for the 2017 One Catches Light Festival at JACK, NY. It was directed by Patrice Miller, with light design by Megan Lang, sound and projections by Kevin Torres, and black & white photography by Simone Lassar.    


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Please Google Ukraine: The Show

Ukrainian-born, Jersey-raised, Brooklyn-based director and storyteller, Artem Yatsunov, visits his homeland after the break out of the Ukrainian Civil War in 2014.

This is the kinda true, slightly inaccurate, mostly made up and generally genuine story of highway hijackings, uncontrollable revolutions, broken families, and vodka.

Recently featured in 2017 One Catches Light Festival by The Oye Group, as part of 2017 The Exponential Festival. JACK Theater, Brooklyn NY.

Directed by Patrice Miller

B & W photography projections by high-school student and Visual Artist, Simone L.

Solo show: 60 minutes. PG-13.

Optional: B & W Photo projections; traditional Ukrainian food served throughout the performance.


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Surviving Through Stories:
Post-show Discussion and Workshop

Compendium to Please Google Ukraine.

Following a performance of Please Google Ukraine, Artem leads a conversation with the audience on national identity and what does it meant to be a foreigner?

Afterwards, Artem facilitates a story-telling workshop crafting autobiographical stories with participants. Using devised theater techniques, the workshop culminates in a series of short participant performances.

Discussion and Workshop. 90-120 minutes. PG-13. Catered to your community's needs/interests.